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Platinum (PL) shows a higher high (bullish sequence) from 9.1.2022 low favoring further upside. Since forming the intermediate top at 1148.9 on April 21, the metal has corrected cycle from 2.27.2023 low at 903.9. The correction can still extend lower in the near term but it should end above 903.9 before the next leg higher resumes. (full story)

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Although Rivian Automotive’s new drive unit announcement offers encouragement, options traders also need to consider broader challenges stymieing RIVN stock. (full story)
RIVN: 15.14 (+0.57), TSLA: 193.17 (+8.70)

Devon Energy stock has been treading water since its Q1 results were released on May 8. This is good for investors who have been short its out-of-the-money puts, whose premiums are sinking. (full story)
DVN: 48.07 (+0.20)

The bearish trend in the bond market began in 2020 when the global pandemic caused the long bond futures to reach a record high. Since then, it has been downhill for the U.S. Treasury bond futures, but they have stabilized in 2023. (full story)
ZBM23: 126-14 (+0-26), TLT: 101.09 (+0.81)

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Summer cookouts and gatherings are perfect for spending time with your loved ones. But, giving them a food-borne illness isn’t a great way to show “love” to our friends and family.  Meredith Carothers, a Food Safety Expert with the USDA, provides additional tips to keep our foods safe outdoors during... (full story)

One thing opponents and proponents of a recently proposed U.S. Bureau of Land Management rule agree on: It would be a major shift in how the agency manages nearly 250 million acres of federal lands. READ MORE: Best practices for grazing... (full story)

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The 6-10 day weather outlook continues to show above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation for much of the Midwest, but that starts to trend cooler and wetter in the 8-14 day outlook. (full story)

3 Big Things Today, May 29, 2023 (full story)

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Corteva Agriscience market development specialist Jason Gibson says the diseases farmers should have on their radar this season are tar spot in corn and white mold for soybeans. He tells Brownfield both crop diseases have been prevalent in new areas and says fungicides are a valuable tool in defending yield.... (full story)

Missouri soybean growers will power up with the Cardinals this season. Missouri Soybeans Merchandising Council Chairman Aaron Porter says Missouri Farmers Care coordinates the effort among several state commodity groups. Porter says it not only gets farmers face to face with consumers, growers have a good time doing it. Learn... (full story)

Heat going into June will increase soil moisture troubles (full story)

Bearish bias with downside target zone of 0.62230-0.61355. (full story)

Watch 1920.50 to 1866.70 area . (full story)

The general market ended the week basically flat with the S&P  500  ($SPX) (SPY) being up 0.33% on the week. That does not tell the full story of the week though, there was some excitement and letdown in US politics that moved the market a bit after hours and then there was Nvidia (NVDA). (full story)
SPY: 420.02 (+5.37), NVDA: 389.46 (+9.66)

Corn's new crop bear market got me thinking, do our furry four-legged bears eat corn? And ironically, they do. With exports falling off, Brazil still loading ships with their bumper crop of corn, and the US planting more corn acres this year, it's continuing to look like a great year for an abundance of corn supply. But, the news says… (full story)
ZCZ23: 534-4s (+18-4), CORN: 23.62 (+0.74)

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Hilarious greeting cards, gifts, calendars, prints and more at the Rubes one-stop humor Superstore! https://www.rubescartoons.com/store.html (full story)
FLM23: 2.49500s (+0.03000), ZCN23: 604-0s (+13-2), ZCPAUS.CM: 6.3666 (+0.1299)

Gas Oil has been creeping higher the past few weeks after having dropped over (50%) since October of 2022. Is the bottom in? Time will tell… I like my chances with this trade given the historical seasonality. (full story)

Advanced Micro Devices stock has run up over 98% YTD. This has jacked up its out-of-the-money put premiums. As a result, this makes it profitable to sell them short for income investors. (full story)
AMD: 127.03 (+6.68), NVDA: 389.46 (+9.66)

The Illinois Department of Agriculture is encouraging farmers to demonstrate their environmental stewardship by participating in a free agrichemical container recycling program this summer. In July and August more than 35 locations across the state will serve as collection sites for high density polyethylene #2 plastic agrichemical containers that will... (full story)

The recent drop in gold prices is viewed as a short-term correction, presenting a buying opportunity for investors to acquire gold at a discounted rate, with the long-term strength of the gold market remaining robust and the potential for a bullish reversal high, making it an advantageous entry point for investment. (full story)

Decided to lean on Chat GPT this week for help with my Sunday Scaries. Let's take a look at what the computer thinks you should be watching this week and beyond... (full story)

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The continuous gold futures contract rose to an ominous price in May 2023, reaching $2,072 per ounce. The rally took gold to a level creating a technical pattern that sticks out like a sore thumb on the long-term chart. (full story)
GCM23: 1,942.0 (-2.3)

Jim's report on recent market changes to ponder over the Memorial Day weekend .... (as you prep for next week) (full story)
ZCZ23: 534-4s (+18-4), ZSX23: 1189-4s (+17-2), ZWN23: 616-0s (+11-6), KEN23: 819-2s (+1-2), LEZ23: 173.225s (+0.375), NGN23: 2.361 (-0.056)

Supreme Court waters down EPAs reach (full story)

The why, the how, and the where behind one of investing's best advancements: fractional investing (full story)

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Old Crop Surges Higher (full story)

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